Fixed cameras caught Rs 5 million

12 years, 3 months ago - 18 December 2010
The police have already issued around 2,800 tickets for speeding, mobile phones using while driving and not wearing seat belts since the two fixed speed cameras started working.

These cameras, located between Pailles roundabout up to Belle Village, have brought to the state approximately Rs 5 million in just one week.
Although the appropriate signs are installed on the road to make motorists aware that the speed limit is 70 km/hour, the devices prove that some ignore rules.
And at this time of year, the police had decided to enhance their presence on the highway with more police bikers.
The fixed speed cameras have been set M1 and running 24/7. They can make up to 700 snapshots a day. Received photos are downloaded on a laptop at the traffic branch.