An interchange will replace the roundabout Caudan

12 years, 5 months ago - 4 December 2010
An interchange is being built to replace the Caudan roundabout in September 2011 with cost of about Rs 108 million. Work began a few days ago and includes the construction of four lanes - two on each direction - and they will be connected to other roads under construction.


Those who pass near the Caudan roundabout or go to the North have noticed that something is being built on the roundabout. For the curious, that the government is building an interchange to make easy access to the South and North. For the drivers there won’t be any need to use the roundabout.

The interchange will be built above the roundabout that will allow other drivers to go straight to Les Salines and adjacent regions .Senior member of the Road Development Authority told that the project had started.

“The project was started just a week ago. That construction of this interchange will be completed only to the end of September 2011. This project will cost the government in total around of Rs 108 million. The work is carried out day and night. The contractor will work during the day to do the work we can do but some will be done at night so that won't causing inconvenience in traffic. There will be four traffic lanes, two on each side. They will be connected to other roads that are being built.” 

The police informed us that all vehicles leaving the South to enter Port-Louis are pick way through the Caudan roundabout. “Every day almost 35,000 vehicles pass by the roundabout Caudan in rush hour that is to say between 7:30 and 9:30. With this interchange, vehicles will quicker leaving Port-Louis without interruption in traffic. The government is trying to solve the jamming problem”.