How to make your old Corolla look cool

12 years ago - 25 March 2011, IndianAutosBlog
How to make your old Corolla look cool
We love Toyota cars for their faultless quality and reliability. But Toyotas (apart from a few models) aren’t something what would be called COOL.

Take for example the Corolla-Civic equation: Both were launched somewhere around the same time and cost more or less the same. But over the years, the Civic has become every college boy’s dream car and the Corolla has become a 3 star Hotel’s pick up car. No one really aspires to a Corolla.

So what can you do if your old Corolla is not fix peoples' eyes enough? You can ring Executive Modcar Trends and convert it into a….wait for it…. Ferrari F430!

Yes! Underneath all the Red bodywork beats the heart of an old Corolla. The complete car has been redesigned to make it a 2 Seater. The entire bodywork is fibre glass and as a result is 20% lighter than the donor car. The interior has also been revamped to make it look like a sportscar by removing the plastic wood of the donor car and replacing it with chrome.

The cost of all this malarkey would be around 10 lakhs which translates to approximately $22,242 USD based on current conversion rates.