Yes, a Ferrari-swapped Toyota can do donuts around a Ferrari

6 years, 7 months ago - 3 November 2016, Autoblog
Ferrari-Powered Toyota
Ferrari-Powered Toyota
Ryan Tuerck recently started his Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86 for the first time, and now the pro drifter is back for a donut session in the custom-built coupe.

The build included stuffing the F136 V8 from a Ferrari 458 into the GT86, so having the JDM supercar do smoky donuts around the Italian supercar just makes sense.

We first heard of Tuerck and Gumout's radical plan to build a competition-only GT86 with the beating heart out of a 458 in July. Since then, Donut Media has put out updates on the vehicle as the build has progressed, ranging from the difficulties of cramming the taller and longer V8 into the Toyota to firing the beast up for the first time. We like what we see – and hear – and you can bet Tuerck's new GT86 will be starring in numerous drifting videos soon.