Jeep Gladiator JT Scrambler Concept Takes A Stroll Off-Road

3 years, 11 months ago - 19 April 2019, motor1
Jeep Gladiator JT Scrambler Concept Takes A Stroll Off-Road
It wouldn't take much for Jeep to put something like this into production.

Grow out your mullet and put on those acid-washed jeans for a ride in the Jeep Gladiator JT Scrambler Concept from this year's Easter Safari because the truck wears stripes taking inspiration from a 1982 CJ-8 pickup. The team at TFLoffroad had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of this vintage-tinged off-roader.

The JT Scrambler has more cool features than just some two-tone orange stripes – although they do look great. The style bar in the bed is a prototype piece that Jeep Performance Parts is considering whether to produce. In addition to being attractive, there extra tie downs that would make it easier to secure cargo in the bed. The designers fit rear-facing lamps with diffused light to the crossbar so someone could see what they're doing at night without being blinded.

The brown roof also isn't currently available from Jeep Performance Parts. It fits the look of this truck.

On the inside, there are luxurious Katzkin leather seats with a unique embroidery pattern in the center of them. Orange accent stitching brings the shade of the exterior stripes into the cabin.

Parts like the two-inch lift kit are already available from Jeep Performance Parts. Customers can also get these slotted 17-inch wheels, although not in this color combination.

Behind the wheel, TFLoffroad reports that the JT Scrambler Concept is quite smooth. The truck really seems like something Jeep could build without much of an investment, and the company would likely find plenty of nostalgic buyers who would love to have this retro look on their new pickup.