Luxury Singapore High-Rise Offers Elevated En Suite Parking

10 years, 5 months ago - 29 August 2012, Autoblog
Luxury Singapore High-Rise Offers Elevated En Suite Parking
Big-city parking can be a challenge, but a high-rise in Singapore offers an innovative solution to the problem. The Hamilton Scotts apartment building features unique "En Suite Sky Garages" that use an elevator to deliver cars right into homeowners' premium living spaces.

Instead of the car living in an underground garage as is common in most high-rises, these apartments make owners' cars a focal point, parking them behind a glass wall off the living room, as seen above. To park, residents pull into a designated spot and then use a biometric thumb scan to send the car to the appropriate apartment.

The building's website says that it offers 54 three-bedroom, 3.5-bath apartments and two "uber luxurious penthouses." While the the site doesn't show pricing for the units, CarScoop says that the apartments list for $7.5 million while the four-car penthouse suites command $24 million.

Would you trust an automated elevator to valet your Lamborghini? Check out the video below to see how it happens in Singapore.