Matt Leblanc Threatens To Quit Top Gear If Chris Evans Isn't Fired

6 years, 7 months ago - 29 June 2016, Autoblog
Matt Leblanc and Chris Evans
Matt Leblanc and Chris Evans
Surprise, surprise. More rumors of discord and drama on the set of Top Gear. If word from UK news publication The Sun is to be believed, host Matt LeBlanc has threatened to quit if co-host Chris Evans isn't fired.

This has left the BBC, who plan to start filming the next series in a few months, in a precarious position.

Rumors have persisted since the series began filming late last year that the new cast was far from united. LeBlanc is apparently frustrated his co-host's on-set behavior, while off-set Evans reportedly refuses to interact with the rest of the cast. Last fall, Executive Producer Lisa Evans quit the show allegedly due to the diva-like behavior exhibited by Evans. The Sun reports that Evans is jealous of the praise garnered by hosts Chris Harris and Rory Reid and that he's far from encouraging when it comes to helping the other hosts.

The show itself has received mixed reviews since its return a few weeks ago, and although things have been improving week by week, the show has been struggling to keep viewers tuned in. Evans himself has drawn much criticism and is already reported to take a lesser role in the show's future. His appointment last year was met with mixed reviews, and he was reportedly frustrated with the casting of LeBlanc, who was chosen to appeal to an American audience.

The BBC has already agreed to pay LeBlanc for another two seasons, so the organization needs to quickly sort out the situation if filming is to start in September. The BBC is refusing to comment, so we'll have to wait to see how this all plays out.