Matt LeBlanc Nearly Runs Over Cameraman During Top Gear Shoot

6 years, 10 months ago - 5 April 2016, Autoblog
Matt LeBlanc Nearly Runs Over Cameraman During Top Gear Shoot
Matt LeBlanc almost caused a bad start to the new season of Top Gear when the former Friends star narrowly avoided running over a cameraman.

The new host reportedly needed to take a few hours off afterward to get his head together, according to The Mirror.

An unnamed Top Gear insider tells the British tabloid that the near tragedy happened while filming in South Africa last month. During a break in the action, LeBlanc decided to take a drive in a Porsche that the show was reviewing. What he didn't realize was that a cameraman was laying on the ground shooting static footage sports car. Another cameraman saw what was happening and got LeBlanc's attention to avert the crisis. "It was one of those instances where, if the tracking man and Matt had reacted even a few seconds later, it could have been really serious. Both of them appreciated what a lucky escape it was," the source told The Mirror.

While everyone was okay, the incident reportedly left LeBlanc upset. He needed to take a few hours off to regain his composure and checked to make sure the cameraman wasn't injured.

Top Gear announced LeBlanc as a new cast member in February, and welcomed him with a drive in a convertible Reliant Robin, which wore a Stars and Stripes paint scheme. The show's recent trailer highlighted more of LeBlanc's trip, and the car definitely had some problems. Top Gear returns in May to televisions in the UK. There's no word yet on a US premiere date.