Mazda Minagi Concept at 2011 Geneva Auto Show

12 years, 3 months ago - 2 March 2011
Mazda Minagi Concept at 2011 Geneva Auto Show
by Jeremy Korzeniewski / AOL
Japan carmaker is trying to increase efficiency and to prove that it can fight in the ever-rising stakes of fuel mileage without actually going to the trouble of investing heavily in hybrid technology.

Instead, Mazda is taking a multi-pronged approach that includes new gasoline and diesel engines, efficient automatic and manual transmissions and lightweight structures that incorporate both the body shell and supporting chassis architecture. That whole philosophy is bundled up nicely in a package Mazda is calling SkyActiv.

Furthermore Mazda wants by the 2011 Geneva Auto Show to show to the world the second showcar (the first is the Shinari) styled using its Kodo design language: the Minagi Concept. A production version of the Minagi is slated for a debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year.

It is not expected many wholesale changes to the exterior design of the Minagi, as it looks pretty production-ready in its current state... minus a few of the extra-concepty bits like the minimilist exterior mirrors and giant rolling stock. Naturally, the marque's SkyActiv technology will be in full effect in the production Minagi.