Next-gen Nissan Frontier “almost finished”

4 years, 10 months ago - 14 January 2019, IndianAutosBlog
Next-gen Nissan Frontier “almost finished”
The aged second generation Nissan Frontier is continuing for MY2019, but this may be its last year in showrooms.

The next-gen model, which was confirmed in September 2017, is arriving earlier than expected.

Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan Senior Vice President for Global Design, Nissan, has told Autoblog that the next-gen Nissan Frontier is "almost finished". Ivan Espinosa, Corporate Vice President (Global Product Strategy and Product Planning division), Nissan, has also suggested that the all-new mid-size pickup truck isn't that far. "It is something we are actively working on, and will soon be coming into the market," he has said.

The current Nissan Frontier was introduced back in 2004, and it was sold as the Nissan Navara as well. In 2014, an all-new Nissan Navara was unveiled, while the (North American-spec) Nissan Frontier has remained as is to the date. Now, it is understood that both are set to become separate models.

The next-gen Nissan Frontier won't use the latest Navara's chassis, another report said in October last year. Nissan feels that the latest Navara is too utilitarian, while the North American customers demand a more lifestyle-focused mid-size pickup. That's probably why GM also has a different (read: plusher) version of the Chevrolet Colorado for North America, although the platform isn't different in that model's case.

Theoretically, the next-gen Nissan Frontier could have the 2.8-litre Cummins diesel engine that was tuned to deliver nearly 200 hp and more than 350 lb.-ft. (474.54 Nm) of torque in the Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner Powered by Cummins concept. However, only a four- and six-cylinder petrol engine options are expected.

The next-gen Frontier could break cover in early 2020 and go on sale later the same year. Nissan officials haven't given a timeline yet. The production will take place at the Canton plant in Mississippi (USA).