Nissan Almera: Great Value

10 years, 10 months ago - 30 July 2012,
Nissan Almera: Great Value
Attractive price, lines and fluid curves, interior comfort and loading capacity above average ... the Japanese has appeal.

Both say right now, the Nissan Almera has it all. A plastic advantageous, a seven-year guarantee and an attractive price: Rs 690,000 (road, excluding insurance). By offering a load capacity above average, the Almera has a major advantage for further convince motorists Mauritius.

On the aesthetic level, the Nissan Almera sports lines and fluid curves, and a contemporary style, without being aggressive. It must be said that its designers have made every effort to refresh the model. New air intakes, wider headlights in water drops, the whole figure is actually more attractive, perhaps even downright attractive to some.

Spacious and handy

The restyling is also beneficial to development within and equipment. At the front, it's more comfortable, with a driving position that adjusts more easily as the steering wheel adjusts for height and depth. The dashboard and door against mixed plastics more or less rewarding with materials of good quality.

The Almera is not a small car. It is fairly spacious and offers a wide chest. At the front, the driver is a good driving position thanks to the adjustable steering wheel height and depth. The rear passengers are not cramped and have enough legroom. All seats have good headroom. Space savings that are also found in the trunk that displays a capacity for very respectable 500 liters segment, offering more than a meter in both depth and width.

Road, the Japanese offer a comfortable ride and handling characteristics significantly. The occasions show a voluntarism that is sure to satisfy the most demanding motorists.

Depreciation also offers a compromise "stability / comfort" quite amazing. The road handling is healthy, soft and comfortable, the curves approach calmly. If Nissan has a flattering reliability, the Almera, as we know, will not default to that reputation. These arguments should allow the Almera to be a success in Mauritius.


Tank: 41 liters

Dimensions: 4425 x 1695 x 1500 mm

Price: Rs 690,000 (road, excluding insurance)

Sold at ABC Motors