Nissan unveils Leaf-based emergency response car

2 years, 4 months ago - 30 September 2020, autocar
Nissan unveils Leaf-based emergency response car
RE-Leaf uses bi-directional charging to provide electricity to disaster zones and during blackouts

Nissan has revealed a Leaf-based emergency response car that provides a mobile power supply in the wake of natural disasters.

The prototype electric vehicle, which is dubbed RE-Leaf, has been created to "demonstrate the potential of electric vehicles in disaster recovery".

The RE-Leaf uses bi-directional charging to not only store electricity but also to return it to the grid, allowing it to supply disaster zones that have suffered blackouts.

A modified version of Nissan's best-selling customer Leaf, the RE-Leaf also rides 70mm higher than the standard car in order to help it navigate roads with obstructions or fallen debris.

It also features a custom 'sump guard' to protect the car's floor pan and wider tracks, alongside custom wheel arches and mud flaps. The RE-Leaf rides on 17in motorsport wheels fitted with all-terrain tyres.

On the inside, Nissan has removed the Leaf's rear seats to create an enlarged storage area that is separated from the front seats by a custom bulk-head cage.

The exterior is coloured amber with blue detailing.

Nissan electric passenger cars boss Helen Perry said: "Concepts like the RE-Leaf show the possible application of EVs in disaster management and demonstrate that smarter, cleaner technology can help save lives and provide greater resilience for the future."

Emergency services are a growing part of Nissan's operations. Since 2011, Nissan has supported recovery from disasters by providing emergency power and transportation.