Petroleum contaminated - ACIM: Loss of Rs 40 million

11 years, 10 months ago - 26 May 2011
Petroleum contaminated - ACIM: Loss of Rs 40 million
The losses incurred by the State Trading Corporation after infection of 1 000 tonnes of fuel amounted to Rs 40 million, according to the Consumer Association of Mauritius (ACIM).

This shipment was contaminated in the hold of a tanker from India. Jayen Chellum, PMAC, said that it is the taxpayers who will bear the brunt of this loss. It calls for an explanation.

"This demonstrates once again the need to make public the contract between Mangalore Refinery TCC. The tanker carrying this cargo was it appropriate to make this transfer? "He asked Monday. For its part, Mangalore Refinery, the country's supplier of petroleum products, denies any responsibility in this matter. In a letter to the STC, the direction of Mangalore cites clause 2.3 of the contract that said that TCC is required to assume responsibility for fuel quality after a cargo has been transferred onto the ship.

This clause also stipulates that in case of contamination is the STC must assume the losses incurred. The Indian company said a prominent international agency has been designated to certify the quality of fuels at the port before the lifeboat drill.