The Project Kahn X-Class Is One Classy Truck

3 years, 4 months ago - 24 September 2019, motor1
The Project Kahn X-Class Is One Classy Truck
This isn't your average truck.

If you're not familiar, Kahn is a UnitedKingdom based Automotive fashion house that's been modifying vehicles in their own unique style for over 20 years. They've recently turned their attention the Mercedes X-Class pick-up truck with some stunning results.

When automotive design house introduces a body kit on to a production car the results can vary wildly. In this particular case, Kahn nailed their rendition of the Mercedes X-Class.

There's no extra horsepower or wild lift kit, instead, Kahn focused on refining the exterior body panels and interior trim. For starters, all exterior chrome was removed and replaced with a more elegant black trim.

To further distinguish Kahn's X-Class from a stock version there's a completely new front bumper. This vented bumper adds aggression lacking from the stock car and matches well with a new grill which is reminiscent of the AMG GT. Kahn also added larger vented fender flares which go a very long way in changing the style of the X-Class.

To finish off the exterior look Kahn added a set of massive 22" wheels which are available in a silver trim or all-black depending on customer preference. This new exterior treatment certainly adds presence to the X-Class while still looking cohesive.

Moving on to the interior Kahn completely reupholstered the front and rear seats in contrasting quilted leather. These red-accented seats are a massive departure from the factory seats and add a custom look while retaining OEM like quality. The door cards, dashboard, and shifter knob all receive similar leather trimmings to keep the interior cohesive.

Kahn will sell you this exact X-Class trim in both Diesel or Gas versions for £24,000 or $29,000 over the truck's base price from Mercedes. Kahn is currently selling a completed version with the gasoline V6 for only £54,999.00.