Russians Hack Together 3 Ladas Into Automotive Fidget Spinner

5 years, 9 months ago - 23 June 2017, motor1
Russians Hack Together 3 Ladas Into Automotive Fidget Spinner
These folks put a valiant effort into the hilarious attempt.

Given that fidget spinners are the huge fad of the moment, it's a little surprising that we are only now seeing someone try to make one out of three cars. A crew called Garage 54 from Russia took on the challenge of slicing up a trio of Lada 2109s and attempting to make them spin at ludicrous speeds.

While this clip is entirely in Russian with no subtitles, the stunt's goofiness transcends language barriers. The team starts by cutting the Ladas and engineering a way to join the three of them together. Since they are front-wheel drive, the rear end is completely unnecessary for making them move.

Getting the cars to spin appears to be far more difficult than welding them together. At first, there's a lot of sound and fury but not much actual movement. Skip forward to 7:30 into the clip to see when these drivers start to figure out the trick to make the vehicles turn.

There's probably a more efficient setup that would make this idea work better. Part of the problem is that one of the cars breaks down, so it's essentially dead weight for this stunt. Also, these guys need to coordinate their movements better because if all the wheels are pointing the same way, this monstrosity would probably be able to turn at much higher speeds. More powerful engines might make things more exciting too but would probably make the stunt significantly more dangerous. Let the Grand Tour's significantly higher budget loose on this idea, and the result could be fantastic automotive comedy.