Toyota FT-86 II restyling due to drivers feedback

12 years, 2 months ago - 11 March 2011
Toyota FT-86 II restyling due to drivers feedback
by Jeremy Korzeniewski / AOL
Toyota unveiled another version of the FT-86 concept at last week's Geneva Auto Show, one they say is closer to production than any of the others. The FT-86 has been around long enough to deserve a facelift even before it goes on sale.

According to Akihiro Nagaya, manager of Toyota's design department, the changes are in reaction to driver feedback on the original FT-86 concept. Along with a redesign for the front end, necessitated by Europe's strict pedestrian impact rules, the A-pillar has been pushed back by around four inches to produce a more upright windshield.

Autocar says the redesigned windscreen apparently makes the driving experience closer to the original AE-86, and alleviates a tunnel-vision effect the old concept produced.