'Transformers' Bumblebee Camaros to be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson

4 years ago - 9 January 2019, Autoblog
'Transformers' Bumblebee Camaros to be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson
All four cars appeared in the movies and will be sold as a group

Paging all "Transformers" movie fans: GM is putting the ultimate "Transformers" collection up for sale at the 2019 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction. Four Bumblebee Camaros are set to move across the stage in Scottsdale. They've all appeared in the films and will be auctioned as a package deal. A price estimate is not provided, possibly because it's near impossible to judge interest in such an auction.

The first and second Bumblebee Camaros are 2010 model year cars. These two (and the others) have V8 engines and automatic transmissions. This first car (with the gaudy wheels) was actually in two movies: "Transformers" and also, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." It was modified for the second film for an updated look. Next up is the second 2010 car that was featured in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." This one is a bit more aggressive in style with the big wing and tall hood.

We're most interested in the third car to be auctioned, mostly due to its concept-car looks. Everything is smoothed out and streamlined with this 2013 vehicle, setting it apart from practically all other Camaros out there. It appeared in "Transformers: Age of Extinction." Finally, the fourth Camaro in the set is a 2016 model, meaning it shares a whole lot with the current Camaro. The massive all-black grille on the new SS has been a hot topic of conversation lately (much of it negative) and this Bumblebee previewed it for the movie "Transformers: The Last Knight." This one certainly has the busiest styling of the group, verging on overwrought and messy.

One factoid that'll most likely turn off a whole bunch of folks is that all these are being sold on a scrap title. They will not be street legal, which means they're pretty much just fancy ornaments for a collection at this point. The law will most likely look the other way if you pop out for a spin up and down Woodward Avenue at the Dream Cruise, but that'll probably be your only chance to drive them on the street. Your money will be going to a good cause for this auction, though. The hammer price is set to be donated to Operation Homefront, a nonprofit organization that aids veterans. All four of them will travel across the stage on Jan. 19.