Transport Unions: Penalty Points, Demonstration Endorsed a for February 21

10 years, 8 months ago - 25 January 2013, Le Mauricien
Transport Unions: Penalty Points, Demonstration Endorsed a for February 21
After more than 100 minutes of a special meeting called by the Common Front transport unions in the context of the challenge of penalty points, a decision was taken at mid-day to hold an event on February 21 from Champ-de-Mars gardens to the Company.

This is a strong signal that this coalition comprised of bus drivers, taxis, vans and trucks will give the authorities to denounce the "lack of consultation" before.

This is an audience of more than 150 people, heated block, several speakers unions and associations, which have rallied to the cause of transport workers have succeeded in calling for mobilization to contest vigorously the introduction of penalty points . All believe that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure should have consulted the taxi drivers, trucks and buses, taking into account their proposals and suggestions before going forward with this bill.

permit dot is challenged to the extent that this system is not adapted to the existing road infrastructure where there are still shortcomings / deficiencies and which, according to the opposition, instigate driving errors that can result in loss of points and suspension of driving license in case of repetition.

"When we withdraw our license, it is our livelihood we are away," says Yusuf Chutoye to assistance already convinced from the start of concrete action all transport employees to challenge the system of penalty points. The road infrastructure in Mauritius, according to Yusuf Chutoye, does not meet the international standards billboards barely visible, roads not wide enough, forcing bus drivers to drive on the sidewalk or on the white line as is the case in Ebony, he lists.

Haniff Peerun the Mauritius Labour Congress, Jayen Chelum PMAC, Georges Ah Yan-Free Forum Citizens, Raffick Bahadoor, Taxi Proprietors of the Union, have each deplored the "unilateral decision" of the Government and the lack of dialogue with union representatives of the transport sector.

Moreover, Haniff Peerun mentioned the "mess" in the distribution of Driving Licence Counterpart (DLC) on Monday. He also demanded the resignation of Ben Buntipilly the advisor in road safety at Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and a detailed report of its achievements in the interest of road users since it is in this position.

Raffick Bahadoor, for his part, believes that the Counterpart Driving Licence is a confidential document, it should be kept at the Traffic Branch instead of being in possession of the driver. For this, he made clear, may encourage some officers to penalize "the fittest."