VW, Audi Find Smart Ways To Thank You For Staying Home

3 years ago - 26 March 2020, motor1
VW, Audi Find Smart Ways To Thank You For Staying Home
Keep distance, stay united.

We've seen some quite interesting and smart advertising campaigns from Volkswagen in the past. For instance, do you remember when last summer the German automaker apologized for the Dieselgate scandal and expressed its commitment to a cleaner, all-electric future? That was a clever move and now the company is once again sending good vibes.

The Wolfsburg-based automaker released a short video on YouTube which promotes social distancing, one of the World Health Organization's most powerful tools against the spread of the coronavirus globally. The clip features an inspirational text encouraging us to stay strong and united during the COVID-19 crisis. It ends with a modified version of VW's logo and a message to thank us for keeping social distance.

"At Volkswagen, we traditionally stand together in all crises and support each other. We are convinced that together we will find new ways and solutions that will enable us to overcome this crisis. Right now it is particularly important that we follow the rules of conduct and hygiene with a lot of discipline. Stay safe - keep social distance! #flattenthecurve."

In a very similar move, Audi, Volkswagen AG's premium brand from Ingolstadt, released a short video, in which the famous four rings are divided with some distance in between. As a reminder, the four rings symbolize the four previously independent manufacturers, Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer, the amalgamation of which formed what we now know as simply Audi.

"Stay at home, keep your distance, stay healthy, support each other – we are in this together."

Earlier this month, VAG suspended production at all its factories in Europe, including the plants in Setubal (Portugal), Bratislava (Slovakia), and the Lamborghini and Ducati plants in Italy, for a period of at least two weeks.