2023 BMW X5 M50i To Get M60i Badge and M Engine, X5 PHEV Will Have 580 HP

il y a 10 mois, 1 semaine - 26 Mars 2022, autoevolution
The 2023 X5 and the 2023 X6 will both receive some serious upgrades next year. There are big changes in the pipeline for the powertrains, not only for the looks. We will probably learn more about what’s to come later this year, but for now, there’s some juicy info available.

BMW’s preparing to give its best-selling SUV – the almighty X5 – a new face starting from 2023. We’ve shown you the spy photos and some renderings that might spoil the surprise. Besides the exterior changes, there are a couple of technical updates that you should know about beforehand. The German carmaker is taking a big swing at Mercedes-Benz without them even knowing.

For starters, the 2023 BMW X5 M50i will become the X5 M60i as the iX M60 already indicated the change in naming. With new badges come new responsibilities, so the Bavarians didn’t ignore this part. The SUV will have the M engine. Instead of the tuned N63, the S68 will find itself sitting under the hood. It’s not yet clear how much power it will have, but we’re confident it’s going to be more than just 523 HP.

This move follows Mercedes-Benz’s path. Instead of using another engine for the non-AMG models, they’ve put the same power units with less horsepower. Now BMW is going to do the same. The S-series engines aren’t going to be exclusive for M cars any longer starting next year.

Furthermore, the X5 M won’t be available after the facelift is done. There’ll only be an X5 M Competition. You’ll have to choose between an M60i and an M Competition. BMW’s done with the middle ground. Yes, this means you can expect almost 700 HP for the 2023 X5 M Competition and at least 600 HP for the X5 M60i. That's only because the same S68 power unit will include a mild hybrid solution.

For those that don’t like or don’t want V8s, BMW is also going to make the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) even better. The X5 xDrive45e is turning into X5 xDrive50e. This adds almost 100 HP more, taking the SUV from 394 HP to 480 HP. It’s not yet clear if BMW will put a bigger battery in this X5, but as a well-known insider confirmed on a dedicated fan forum, faster charging might become available.

The B58M2 engine found in the xDrive40i (three-liter in-line six) will also make 30 HP more. Surprisingly, there are no rumors about diesels yet.

Adding to all this is the electrification that’s going to be implemented across the board: everything besides the PHEV will benefit from the 48V mild hybrid architecture with various setups.

With the new headlights that aren’t split-designed like on the new 7 Series and i7, the illuminated grille already available on the X6 will make an appearance on the X5 too.

The facelifted X6 will have the same fate, except for the plug-in hybrid part.

The new 2023 BMW X5, X5 M60i, and X5 xDrive50e are expected to start production in April 2023. The X6 will closely follow.