Box truck drops box, box jumps back into truck — twice

il y a 2 ans, 9 mois - 5 Juin 2020, autoevolution
Box truck drops box, box jumps back into truck — twice
You don’t have to be a full-time, professional driver to witness some of the strangest, most surprising things falling out of moving vehicles: boxes, pieces of plywood, animals, mattresses, litter, actual human beings, you name it.

This is entirely something else, not because of the nature of the object in question but because of its behavior, imposed by external circumstances. A new viral video is here to deliver the amazement and the LOLs, straight from Provincial 61 Highway in Taiwan.

You can see it in full at the bottom of the page, as it was posted to Twitter. As of the time of writing, it has over 2.1 million views and has prompted some of the most heated, occasionally hilarious and downright silly explanations.

What looks like a speeding cargo truck is traveling in front of the car with the dashboard camera. The back is open and the cargo inside is not secured, so it comes as little surprise when one of the boxes in there falls out. What happens next is surprising, though: the box bounces on the highway and jumps back inside the truck.

Then, it falls for the second time, and again, "magically" finds its way inside. The whole thing happens very fast and it's so strange to witness that it's no wonder people assumed the video was fake.

However, chances are it's legit. As the person who posted the video notes, this could be a case of a Karman swirling vortexes, causing the air around the truck to blow upwards and backwards. Or it could be a vacuum / vortex of negative air pressure caused by the blunt size of the truck, which, in combination with the weight of the box, helps it perform this "magic" stunt.

Based on the video and what commenters are saying online, the box seems to be made of styrofoam and empty, in which case it could act this way. It's still amazing to watch, though.