Cops stop van stuffed with 40 construction workers

il y a 6 ans - 11 Mai 2017, Autoblog
Cops stop van stuffed with 40 construction workers
Who among us has not crammed more people into a car than can reasonably fit?

It's a time-honored tradition, especially when you're young and dumb in high school and college. My personal best was around 10 friends packed into my '79 Sedan DeVille. That's nothing compared with a motorist in China who stuffed 40 construction workers into a six-passenger van.

According to the site Weird Asian News, traffic cops in the southern Chinese city of Chonqing spotted a smallish white van driving erratically down a thoroughfare. It was weaving in and out of traffic and nearly caused a handful of accidents before the cops pulled it over. To their surprise, the van was packed to the gunwales with people. So many, in fact, that all the cops could see through the windows was a wall of shoulders, arms, and orange-clad backs.

When the officers yanked the van's sliding door open, people just poured out - 40 people, to be precise, 39 men and one woman. They were all construction workers heading for a job on the other side of town. As the construction workers filed out, the police noticed that the van's rear seats were missing, presumably so that the driver could pack them in as tightly as possible. Unfortunately for the driver, this also meant a solid block of humanity that was constantly jostling him, making driving difficult.

Apparently this kind of thing is common at the job site, or at least that's what the driver told the cops. That excuse didn't hold water, though. The police impounded the van and ticketed the driver for overloading a vehicle.