Mauritius Seeks India's Help for Light Rail Transit System

il y a 8 ans, 8 mois - 27 Septembre 2014, Economic Times
Mauritius Seeks India's Help for Light Rail Transit System
Mauritius is in discussions with India for technical as well as financial assistance with regard to building a Light Rail Transit (LRT) System in the island nation.

The LRT System, which would link capital city Port Louis with residential hub Curepipe, is expected to cost about Rs 40 billion.

"We are in discussions with the government of India with regard to a Light Rail Transit system to connect Port Louis and Curepipe.

"The proposed project will cope with increasing road traffic congestion in Mauritius," Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mauritius) Counsellor Vish Mungur said.

In this regard, Mauritius officials had a meeting with Indian people this month.

We need India's assistance both in terms of technical expertise as well as financial help," Mungur said.

According to him, the LRT project is a big and a crucial one for Mauritius.

The proposed rail project would cover over 30 km from the capital city to the centre of the island nation.

The matter is also expected to be discussed during External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's official visit to the island nation in the first week of November.

In India, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has the expertise to develop metro networks. DMRC has equal equity participation from the central and the Delhi governments.

"The LRT will not solve traffic congestion on its own but will accompany a series of strong public transport policies and traffic restraint measures in the main urban centres," as per Mauritius Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport & Shipping's website.