Next-gen BMW M3 to get its reveal at Frankfurt or Geneva

il y a 4 années, 9 mois - 8 Mai 2019, Autoblog
Next-gen BMW M3 to get its reveal at Frankfurt or Geneva
2020 M3 is expected to boast 510hp and all-wheel drive

With a new generation of BMW 3 Series out, driving enthusiasts are curious to learn when the full-fledged M version will arrive. According to AutoExpress in the U.K., that will happen at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. But a conflicting report from BMWBlog says a Frankfurt reveal is a bit strange, and the Geneva Motor Show in spring of 2020 is more likely.

That's because BMW has historically revealed its succeeding M3 model a year after the launch of a new, standard 3 Series. Nonetheless, both sites report that production of the next-generation "G80" M3 is slated for 2020.

Both outlets report that the new M3 will come with more than 510 horsepower, thanks to a slightly uprated version of the "S58" 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six found in the latest X3 M and X3 M Competition models. The new M3 could potentially come in two states of tune, with the standard model producing around 480 hp and the Competition model churning out around 510.

Some purists might be disappointed that the new M3 will come with all-wheel drive, instead of being strictly rear-wheel drive. But word is the M3's system will be similar to the one in the current generation F90 M5, with modes that can disable the all-wheel drive system and make the car rear-wheel drive only.

A "Pure" rear-wheel-drive-only version could be on the table as well, following in the footsteps of previous hardcore "CS" or "CSL" models.

There's no official word on the transmission choices for the M3 just yet. But there's a chance the M3 and M3 Competition could be stuck with automatics only, similar to the M5, while purists will have to jump to this rumored "Pure" model for three pedals.

Knowing BMW and its tendency to give drivers options, one will most likely be able to also change the engine's power output, as well as the behavior of the transmission, suspension, and steering through selectable settings.

In addition to the expectation of being faster than the soon-to-be outgoing F80 generation BMW M3 sedan, the new G80 is expected to be lighter as well, thanks to BMW's latest CLAR modular platform.

"We are aware there is a large fanbase for M cars around the world, and we will do all we can to excite them and everything we can do not to disappoint them," BMW M Division's current chief, Carsten Piers, told AutoExpress.

Also expect BMW's newest rendition of iDrive, 7.0, along with interior and exterior styling to match the aggressiveness of previous M3 models.