Penalty points - When the entry into force?

il y a 11 ans, 11 mois - 16 Juin 2011
Penalty points - When the entry into force?
From January to date, there have been no fewer than 54 fatal accidents that have killed 70 people.

In fact, the weekend was dark with two serious accidents on Sunday and two others were killed in an accident at Le Morne on Tuesday.

With these accidents that cause grief in many families, not to carelessness of some drivers and motorcyclists, especially among young people, the issue of more stringent measures remains valid. And just Tuesday in the National Assembly, the Minister Anil Bachoo said the issue of penalty points is currently in the prosecution that addresses some "practical problems".

The penalty point is, in fact, in the law for several years, notably in Article 123 AG of the "Road Traffic Amendment Act" of 2003. This system, which has been proven in other countries, is falling behind in Mauritius. And, at the central fire station, it was noted that this is not to introduce legislation. It takes a logistics and synchronization of databases of the police, the National Transport Authority (NTA) and even the courts.

"The penalty points will not be very soon. It should be a foolproof system because we will reach directly to the driver's license of motorists. In other words, their freedom of movement which is a constitutional right. It's a big piece. But is that the synchronization of different systems has already been made? We do not know. If the law is applied and there is a problem, it will create an awkward situation, "says a police source.

However, one thing is certain. Initially, it will be crimes, such as speeding, failure to respect traffic lights, alcohol, and the phone while driving and dangerous driving.