Public transportation: The people of Chamarel threaten to deprive access to tourists

il y a 12 années, 11 mois - 21 Juin 2011
Public transportation: The people of Chamarel threaten to deprive access to tourists
A minibus from the National Transport Company with a capacity of 40 passengers began serving on the line Chamarel-Black River from June 18 The anger of the people still remains high and tourists may pay the price.

Aware of the huge influx of tourists who are in Chamarel, people are serious about making life difficult for tourists."At the National Transport Authority we were advised that it is impossible to put more buses at our disposal, because our roads are not suitable for this type of vehicle. However, tourists who visit Chamarel arrive in large buses," said Rico L'Intelligent, Chairman of the village of Chamarel.

Block the roads to tourists to prevent them from accessing the area is an option that the people of Chamarel seriously considering. "The people of this town are peaceful in nature, but being peaceful does not mean to be submitted," suggests Rico L’Intelligent.

The solution proposed by the NTA will ultimately not used to much. Indeed, after multiple complaints from residents Chamarel on the transport service they deem objectionable, the NTA has finally decided to put a minibus of the NTC on Route 243.

But the fact remains that the minibus, which begins to provide service from 6 am, can only contain a maximum of forty people. "While there are about 70 people who travel every day, you Imagine the mess!" Says Rico L’Intelligent.

Frustrated with this ongoing situation in Chamarel long, people have this time decided to go on the offensive. "We recognize the efforts of the NTA to have put a minibus at our disposal, but we are still in dead, "fumed Rico L’Intelligent.

The locals are in constant consultation, and if the problem is not resolved, the replica of the people this time may be harder.

Asked for a reaction, a part of the NTA maintains not be able to put a bigger bus in the area, "because the roads are not appropriate there." "We are considering other ways to relieve the people of this region. But it is difficult to convince operators to serve this region, "said an officer of the NTA.