Plaine-Lauzun the new bridge operational soon

il y a 11 ans, 9 mois - 25 Mai 2011
Plaine-Lauzun the new bridge operational soon
You've probably noticed, the establishment of a bridge near the complex of Food Canners at Plaine-Lauzun, is being completed. From information obtained from the Road Development Authority (RDA) that this project on autroute between straw and Port-Louis was not in the plans.

"But after several complaints from members of the public highway crossings each day to work in businesses located opposite the side of the old road from Moka, the GDR came forward with this project, "they said. And remember that several accidents have occurred in this region before. Within a month, pedestrians can use the gateway as the GDR.

First, it involves installing ramps and handrails. For a few months that Colas has supported the work. The project cost around Rs 6 M. It was delayed to accommodate the bridge, because there was no entrepreneur interested.

The interchange to improve traffic at the roundabout Caudan begins to take shape. Side of the Road Development Authority (RDA), indicate that the work will be completed by October. About 30% of work has already been made. This work caused some inconveniences and even traffic delays. Drivers will wait until the situation returns to normal. Those wishing to travel to Salinas will have to take a detour.

The aim is to construct the interchange to facilitate access to the South and the North while decongestant that part of the road. Motorists will no longer use the roundabout Caudan. The interchange will pass over the roundabout, improving access for motorists to Salinas and surrounding areas.

"The construction will cost Rs 110 million to the government. The contractor will be some work he can in the day and others during the night to avoid disrupting traffic, "they say.

"There will be four lanes, two on each axis. The interchange will be connected to other roads being built. "The construction contract was awarded to General Construction.