From Pony To Cat: Love/Hate Hello Kitty Custom Mustang

il y a 4 ans, 2 mois - 4 Avril 2019, motor1
From Pony To Cat: Love/Hate Hello Kitty Custom Mustang
Love it or hate it, this customized Mustang convertible holds your attention.

Custom cars are a pure expression of the owner's personality. Just like its owner, this Ford Mustang convertible is extroverted, happy, and one-of-a-kind.

Takiyah Middleton of Nashville, Tennessee has customized her 2006 Ford Mustang convertible into Hello Kitty's dream ride. During her interview with the YouTube channel Barcroft Cars, Middleton, aged 41, cites her two young daughters as a major inspiration behind the Hello Kitty Mustang.

She wanted her daughters to be the coolest kids at school, and dropping them off in a Hello Kitty-themed Mustang convertible is certainly one way to do it. Of course, this is more than just a Mustang with some Hello Kitty stickers and some pink-painted trim – although there is plenty of that going on as well.

One of the most visually arresting features of Middleton's Hello Kitty Mustang is the massive 26" chrome wheels. At night, they're backlit by color-changing neon. It's a dramatic effect.

Inside, there's a 22" television and an impressive audio system installation. Middleton says that she has spent the last eight years working on this Mustang, and expects to spend another five years working on it and adding features.

Impressively, Middleton has done most of the work on the Hello Kitty Mustang herself. Whether or not we appreciate the style, we can certainly appreciate the DIY attitude. Knowing that each rhinestone was lovingly placed by hand by the proud owner herself should give anyone pause.

The Hello Kitty Mustang understandably draws a lot of attention, but Middleton does her part to use some of that attention to make the world a better place. She established a car club, Rychus Rydz, that's centered around cars but also does work within the community, organizing blood drives, as well as donating food and clothing to the local homeless population.