Video: Father And Son In Road Rage Drive Feud

il y a 10 années, 4 mois - 15 Juillet 2013, CNNmoney
Video: Father And Son In Road Rage Drive Feud
CCTV cameras show a family argument take to the streets of a Chinese city as a father and son chase each other through traffic.

Video footage has emerged of a father and son taking their family feud to the streets of a Chinese city.

The pair were involved in a prolonged car chase amid busy traffic on Wednesday, which ended in a crash that left both vehicles wrecked.

Images from CCTV cameras showed a silver grey Mercedes Benz limousine and a red BMW sports car trying to overtake each other on a main road in Ma'anshan, in eastern China's Anhui Province.

The Mercedes stopped at a crossroad at around 10.50am and then suddenly backed up and knocked into the BMW that had been keeping up.

The road chase continued with the two drivers staying close to each other, taking it in turns to smash into the other.

A shopkeeper who saw the incident said: "I saw a red car spinning right there as if it were in a karting race. It then slammed into the ... limousine." She added that the two cars collided several times.

The drama lasted about four minutes, footage showed. As the chase came to its end, the driver of the red BMW abandoned his vehicle and ran away. The Mercedes owner, not ready to give in, also got out, whipping his belt in fury and chasing after the other. The two cars, both badly damaged, were left at the site abandoned until traffic police came to tow them away.

Yang Xiaoyu, a traffic police officer in Ma'anshan, said: "This accident was not caused by a single collision considering that both cars show signs of multiple crashes. "We have notified the local police station to take care of this case because the drivers were no longer available at the scene."

The two drivers have now been tracked down and confirmed as a father and son who had fallen out. They may face charges of dangerous driving, police said. An investigation is still under way.