Video: Worst Scooter Rider Yet?

il y a 10 années, 8 mois - 28 Mai 2013, Wheels News
Video: Worst Scooter Rider Yet?
Unfortunately, regardless of your mode of transport, crashing is an occupational hazard.

If, however, you manage more than three crashes in succession it may be time to give up your licence and take a bus.

A video posted on YouTube shows what could be the worst rider we’ve seen. The video shows the hilarious antics of a scooter rider in China.

'Belongs down that hole'

The rider can be seen hitting four vehicles in succession before tumbling into a giant hole. The first crash sees the rider hit a microbus before moving on to plant his bike into a car. The third collision is with another scooter and the fourth with a truck.

Hilarity ensues at the end as the rider rides off yet again - straight into the water-filled hole.