36 new buses for the NTC

12 years, 9 months ago - 16 December 2010
National Transport Company is buying 36 new buses of the Nissan brand. This procure going on after the government's decision - renewing buses the fleet of the NTC.


New buses will consume less fuel and will help to reduce expenses in repairing old vehicles. The old bus will be replaced. Six of 36 buses are on Mauritius roads now and 10 will operate by end of December. Others are expected in the next year. In 2011, the NTC is going to buy about 150 new buses.

Hamrag Roy, President of the Transport Industry Workers Union (TIWU) considers the NTC has made a good choice. "Nissan buses are best".

“The Government has decided to inflow money into the company as it is in kind of crisis, but it is not for tomorrow. This will still take some time but will be done in the nearest future. We cannot give money to the company without it works well”, said of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. It is supposed that from next year “the NTC to become” profitable.

The NTC's party notified that fuel savings will be around Rs 1 million monthly. The NTC fuel consumption costs are about Rs 6 M., wage payments around Rs 40 M per month.