Bus tickets can be more expensive next year on 20%

12 years, 9 months ago - 9 December 2010
Soon bus passengers would pay for their tickets more. Operators declare an increase of 30% of bus ticket price therefore the government would admit a raise between 15 and 20%.


Now National Transport Authority (NTA) works closely with the Department of Inland Transportation to decide who might rising the bus ticket cost involve. 

Dhoop Gowreesunker, president of Bus Owners Cooperative Society, proves that a raise of 30%-35% is needed. “The bus owners want an increase of 30% to 35%. We also ask the government to end the system of free transportation, but it does not want to hear about it. Even with the government subsidy, we are in trouble. To buy a new bus we need an investment of Rs 3 million and now it is very difficult to buy a new vehicle”, said Dhoop Gowreesunker.

“We have already submitted our figures to the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Transport is aware of the problem we face,” said the President of Bus Owners Cooperative Society to the Le Matinal. “We spend more than what we receive as a subsidy. To transport the elderly, we get Rs 30 per day for a month which amounts to Rs 900. What we need to have is Rs 3000 per month”, he added.

On the subject of students, Dhoop Gowreesunker said that this group is still under discussion because it is need to know how many students there will be at primary, secondary and tertiary level.

According to Hamrag Roy, president of Transport Workers Union Industry, a raise in bus ticket price would be a good thing. “In the NTC, we made long journeys and with elevated gas prices, it is not easy work. Despite government subsidies, is being run at a loss. If we compare the path of the Chemin-Grenier in Port Louis and Curepipe Chemin-Grenier, the price varies from Rs 2 only. The last price increase of bus ticket back to 2006”, he said.