Roadworthiness of autos: four new testing centres will come out

12 years, 8 months ago - 23 January 2011
Roadworthiness of autos: four new testing centres will come out
In a little while four new car testing centres will appear. These centres will be in addition to two existing, particularly at Forest-Side and Plaine-Lauzun.

This decision was taken by the government as the number of vehicles continues in the country is growing and the two existing centres verify 800 vehicles per day. These centres will work by international standard.

Because of increasing number of vehicles and lack of necessary equipment, brake systems, motors, lights, headlights or the exhaust pipe are checked by drivers themselves. Lack of these facilities is because of their high prices.

With the coming on of high-tech centres, some controls, such as emissions of greenhouse gases, can be done. This could bring the failure of at least 50% of vehicles tested.

It was noted that the control of a vehicle in a private testing centre will cost more. It is also the fact that the government has just increased all rates to the NTA.

Thus, the extract an auto costs Rs 400, motorcycles transfer passes to Rs 200 instead of Rs 100, mopeds transfer cost spent in Rs 100 against Rs 50 previously.

Moreover, the transfer of cars requires a payout of Rs 300 instead of 200, the transfer of vehicles is at Rs 400 against Rs 250, the registration of mopeds is now at Rs 2,000 against Rs 1,000 earlier, the book the license plate goes to Rs 2000.

Previously, motorists were paying Rs 1000. The cost for a personalized plate is Rs 25,000 against Rs 10,000 earlier, an increase of 150%.

Taxi License, which was Rs 75 per year, goes to Rs 500 for a period of three years.

The Bus License Contract is Rs 12,000 for three years and Rs 5000 Rs 4000 annually cons so far.