Accident involving NTC bus: the driver suspended

12 years, 1 month ago - 18 April 2011
Accident involving NTC bus: the driver suspended
The sole responsibility of the accident occurrence on board of the National Transport Company (NTC) bus last Wednesday with 51 people is the driver. This is the conclusion reached by the leadership of this public transport company. The driver has been suspended from duty until further notice.

It is the decision announced to the press by Robin Soonarane, Director General of the NTC. "The head is the driver. It has been immediately suspended. These are not the brakes gave out. Our technicians have examined the vehicle in the presence of the police and they found that there was no failure on this side."

In addition, the bus, despite her 16 years, was quite entitled, as the CEO of this organization, to the paths, since it had not yet reached the age limit. According to the NTC, the driver would have trouble negotiating the turn at Plaine Champagne and the bus would have plunged over a precipice. Trees have hampered his career. Fortunately, there were no casualties, despite the fact he was carrying thirty old people and twenty children.

Davish Aubeeluck, bus driver told le Matinal that before two days before the accident, one of his colleagues had lodged a complaint against the bus in question, since the brakes were not working properly. According to information gleaned, the bus had been involved in a first accident, a week before, Candos. " Soffer ki ti p roull bisla ti fer komplintt pou chanz patin frin”. According to Aubeeluck, the brake pads should be replaced by new, April 8 during a servicing, but the supervisor of the garage had suggested that new pads are installed in the coming weeks. " Kapavv roull ankor des semenn. Mo santi mo frin inn vinn ross," he had suggested to the le Matinal, the day of the accident.

About twenty people were injured. Passengers participating in a tour organized by an Islamic society on the island. After the accident, employees of the NTC denounced the age of some vehicles put on the road by the company. The driver, a young man of 22, had said there was a malfunction in the brakes.