Amazon Prime Now Delivering Right to Your Audi

7 years, 10 months ago - 25 April 2015, Autoblog
Amazon Prime Now Delivering Right to Your Audi
Amazon has come up with many ways to deliver packages to its premium Prime customers, ranging from very large boxes to drones. Now, the company is looking at delivering directly to your car.

Being introduced on a very limited trial basis in Germany, Amazon is offering Audi-owning Prime customers the option to have packages delivered to their vehicle. That's a boon if you're waiting on a pricey parcel, but can't stay at home to sign for it. The first phase of the program will begin next month in the Munich area.

The pilot program requires customers to give an approximate location of their vehicle during the delivery period. DHL delivery drivers – the only shipping service partnering with Amazon for Audi deliveries – will be granted one-time access to trunks, with an access code tied into the delivery.

"We are working to offer Prime members a delivery location that is always available and convenient: the trunk of their car," Michael Pasch, director of Amazon Prime for the European Union, said in a Google Translated statement. "This innovation makes shopping at Amazon even easier and more flexible. It gives customers another way to receive their orders."