Clarkson Confirms New Amazon Show Won't Be Called Gear Knobs

7 years, 5 months ago - 12 October 2015, Autoblog
Clarkson Confirms New Amazon Show Won't Be Called Gear Knobs
Goodbye, Gear Knobs, we hardly knew you. In fact, we didn't know you at all. Gear Knobs, of course, was the rumored title of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond's new automotive television show that is slated to debut on the Amazon Prime streaming video service in 2016.

Rumors of the Gear Knobs moniker began swirling after Amazon confirmed that it had signed contracts with the British trio, along with producer Andy Wilman. Just prior to the deal being announced, trademark applications were filed for the aforementioned name by a company that had previously worked with Clarkson. The famous broadcaster has put the kibosh on the rumor himself, via his personal Twitter feed.


I see that many people think our new show is called Gear Knobs. Well you heard it here first. It isn't.

Seems pretty conclusive, doesn't it? And it also seems that conjecture can start again in full as to what the show helmed by the former Top Gear crew will actually be named. At this point, we can only confirm that it won't be called Top Gear, since that's still the name of the British program now helmed by Chris Evans, and that it clearly won't be called Gear Knobs. So, if you have a really good idea that you think Clarkson and Amazon should be aware of, maybe there's still time to make a suggestion.