Bentley Continental GT On Tracks Is World's Most Luxurious Tank

3 years, 8 months ago - 15 May 2019, motor1
Bentley Continental GT On Tracks Is World's Most Luxurious Tank
There's still work to do, but this beast is already impressive.

A group of Russians has undertaken the insane project of creating a Bentley Continental GT that rides on tank treads. Give these folks some credit, though, because a new video shows that the crazy machine actually works – at least mostly. The team calls it the Ultratank, and it's a perfect name for this luxurious beast.

This is a strong proof of concept because the Ultratank is able handle steep grades and off-road driving. It sounds great, too.

There is still work for the builders to do, though. The major issue is there isn't enough tension on the treads, and this allows the tracks to slide off the vehicle during hard cornering. Putting one back on is a laborious process, too, so this problem really needs a solution.

There are also powertrain tweaks to make. The team wants the Ultratank to be able to reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour), but it currently tops out at around 31 mph (50 kph). The builders don't act like doubling the vehicle's speed should be too big of a challenge, though.

Other flaws are more minor. For example, there are no doors yet, so dust and debris comes off the moving tread and into the cabin. The brake pedal also doesn't currently work.

This video below mostly focuses on driving the Ultratank. If you're interested in how the vehicle works mechanically, check out the clip after it. It shows that this is a team for very skilled builders.