This Cool Homemade Bike Uses Car Rims And Wheels

5 years, 3 months ago - 16 August 2018, motor1
This Cool Homemade Bike Uses Car Rims And Wheels
Learning to weld is a valuable skill.

In college, I had the dream of becoming an engineer. Calculus and welding were my downfalls on that route in life. I couldn't fabricate a hanger for an exhaust pipe to save my life let alone weld a chassis I'd feel comfortable letting others use. Fabricating and building things has always fascinated me, that's why the video above is interesting. DriveTribe recently posted a shortened version of a video by the Make It Extreme YouTube channel showing the crew making their own bicycle. However, instead of using standard bike tires, the team uses car rims and tires.

The 10-minute video is enthralling if you find any sort of fabricating fascinating. The video highlights every part of the build process – from the frame to the handlebars. Each step is detailed with close-up shots of lathes, welds, and bearings. You can watch as pieces are held together with tact welds before final assembly. At first, the bike looks like it'll be some shoddy creation, but by the end, once the paint is applied, it seems like something you could go to the store and buy for your kid.

Once the bike is complete with its large car tires, someone rides it to get a coffee – a necessary treat after building the bike. It's also a good test. The rider puts the bike through its paces, riding it on the street and sidewalk while jumping it off a handful of curbs. It holds up well.

With the right tools and the skills to use those tools, you can build some pretty cool stuff with minimal investment. Yes, tools like the ones here are expensive, but if fabricating is something you enjoy, then those tools are an investment. You can create cool things like this bike for fun. It's unique. And that's a welcomed sight in a world of mass-produced items.