The Grand Tour Season 2 Montage Is As Bonkers As You'd Expect

5 years, 1 month ago - 13 December 2017, motor1
The Grand Tour Season 2 Montage Is As Bonkers As You'd Expect
Richard drives a tank through a mall, James gets wet, and Jeremy apparently saves the world.

By now you've probably heard that season two of The Grand Tour is underway. Considering the build-up to the first episode included Richard Hammond having a massive car wreck and Jeremy Clarkson getting pneumonia, probably heard is a properly massive understatement. We haven't heard anything from Amazon on just how many people have seen the first episode so far, but with all the drama that delayed the program by two months, we suspect there were plenty of people checking out the action.

Those who have Amazon Prime and saw the first episode were treated to a video montage of what to expect through the course of the season. As a tempting morsel for those who don't have a subscription, The Grand Tour posted up the same montage to its YouTube channel, no doubt hoping those who are on the fence will pony up the cash to catch the new episodes which are slated to air every week.

And what will those episodes consist of? We see Jaguars skidding down a snowy mountain, a Lamborghini getting sideways on a track, some kind of bizarro tank thing blasting through a mall, a crazy amphibious jet truck, lots of explosions, and occasionally, supercars being driven normally. You know, the same kind of stuff the trio did on their old show, Top Gear.

With the first episode already in the books, there has been some criticism that the show is just more of the same old gags, only with older men now in front of the camera. There's certainly some truth to that, given the amount of bickering and strutting about with supercars that filled the first episode. The show's first season seemed to try and establish itself as something at least a little bit different from Top Gear, but with some of the less-successful segments such as Celebrity Brain Crash and The American getting the axe, the show now seems like Top Gear more than ever.

Here's the thing though. It may be an old and familiar formula, but it also still seems to work. And work very, very well.

Also, throwing in a vintage Lancia 037 Group B Rally Car doesn't hurt. For better or worse, we will at least be tuning in for that segment.