His Car Stolen in Grand Baie La Croisette: Sergeant Shouts Neglect

10 years, 4 months ago - 8 November 2012, The Défi Media Group
His Car Stolen in Grand Baie La Croisette: Sergeant Shouts Neglect
The new shopping center Grand Baie La Croisette opened recently. Already, a case of car theft was reported. A Nissan March belonging to a sergeant ADSU was stolen on Tuesday night in the underground parking. Sergeant shouts neglect.

"Comment expliquer cela ? C'est de la négligence ! " Says Sergeant SR, assigned to ADSU Grand Baie. A trip to the Shopping Mall family turned into a nightmare for a man of 34 years, from Grand Gaube.

" Ma famille et moi, nous nous sommes rendus à Grand-Baie La Croisette, mardi. C'était notre première visite. Il était 18 heures. Là où j’ai garé la voiture, il y avait une caméra. J'étais rassuré , "said the sergeant. "Après deux heures, je suis descendu seul au parking pour déposer des provisions dans la voiture. Monn met lock et mone alle rezoinn mo fami dan foodcourt pou diner , "he says.

He was far from suspecting more. "Mo fine gayn sok kan nunn retourne. Loto pa ti lor parking. Monn al get sekirité me pa ti ena personn "coward Sgt. "Il m'a fallu solliciter l’aide de mes collègues. Après une trentaine de minutes, on a finalement vu un vigile, mais il n'avait aucune idée de ce qui s'était passé , "he says.

A statement was immediately recorded in the police station of Grand Baie. The CID investigation.

Another car theft on the same day

Another car theft was reported to the police station Trou-aux-Biches, late into the night on Tuesday. A French 52 years made the costs. According to him, he had parked a car he had rented, Fragmentation Mont-Choisy, when the theft occurred.

Director of Grand-Baie La Croisette: "Our priority is the safety of our customers"

"An investigation is underway since the theft was reported," said Ashwin Chinnaya, director of Grand Baie La Croisette. According to the director, the monitoring system works mall.

"However, in the area where the car was parked, there was a column that prevents good visibility. When staff viewed the images of the surveillance camera, he saw the car arrive at the parking, but not leaving, "said the director. According to him, a meeting with the ACP Chummun is scheduled for tomorrow. We will discuss several points and we will see how we can help the police with our security system and CCTV. Priority of Grand Baie La Croisette is the safety of our customers, "says Ashwin Chinnaya.