In Less than 12 Hours: Two Cars Stolen and Abandoned

10 years, 4 months ago - 21 January 2013, The Défi Media Group
In Less than 12 Hours: Two Cars Stolen and Abandoned
Is this a network of car theft or would they have used these vehicles to commit their crime? This is what is trying to establish the criminal police of Port Louis South and their colleagues CID Trou-aux-Biches and Red Earth. Two cars were stolen in less than 12 hours. Five individuals are sought.

Wednesday afternoon, a resident of Beau Bassin has stolen his car, which he parked on the street SSR, Port-Louis. A few hours later, the authors of this flight, five individuals have abandoned the vehicle in Pointe-aux-Biches, before escaping aboard another car stolen after they attacked the owner. Thursday is near-Fei Jin, Terre-Rouge, the second car was found.

Wednesday B. Abdool, 74, leaves his home in Beau Bassin. It puts the focus on Port-Louis. "I parked my car in the Rue Royale. I was late for prayer, "says the old man traveling on board a Mitsubishi Lancer, black metallic. However, "being in a hurry, I forgot the keys inside the car," says the septuagenarian. It is then 12 h 45.

It is only an hour qu'Abdool back to his car. "I had gone to the market after prayer and I then returned to my car," he recounts. However, to his amazement, the vehicle was gone. It was then he realized he had forgotten the keys in the car. Without losing a moment, he alerts the police Pope Hennessy. The information on this theft is relayed to other police stations on the island. The loss is estimated at Rs 140,000.

This was far from being there. For 22 to 45 h, the Mitsubishi Lancer has returned to Pointe-aux-Biches. But this time, the scene took place differently. Five individuals left the stolen vehicle. Two of them were armed with swords.

One of the thugs headed to Rameshwarsingh S., age 48, resident of Trou aux Biches. This was with a relative who came from abroad to the beach of Pointe-aux-Biches. The stranger came to him and "asked for water to put in the radiator."

Without warning, the others arose, commanding Rameshwarsingh S. give them the key to his car, a Renault Megane. This was their reply that the keys were already in the vehicle. They boarded before starting with a bang. In the glove compartment of the car, there was Rs 35,000, foreign currency and a gold chain. In all, it's a booty of Rs 390,000 that disappeared before his eyes.

This is the police station of the locality he recorded a statement for these flights. An investigation was initiated at the criminal police of the two regions in order to get their hands on these thieves. Thursday, the car was found on the new road to Jin Fei-Terre-Rouge. Observation, the thieves made off with the three wheels of the car, then emptied the glove box. The police investigation continues.

Burglars leave aboard his Audi TT

An audacious robbery occurred Monday night. Three masked men, armed with swords and dressed in military fatigues, stormed the home of the director of an offshore company to grind Trou-aux-Biches. The businessman, aged forty years, was in his yard when the thugs arrived. One of them slapped him before gagging the victim and his wife with adhesive strips.

The burglars took three cell phones, a digital camera, three bracelets and a gold chain. Then they returned to the car the businessman, an Audi TT sports model 1465 and registered. Having managed to shed its links, the victim went to the