The interchange will ready by September

12 years, 3 months ago - 7 February 2011
The interchange will ready by September
The interchange to replace the roundabout Caudan is beginning to obtain shape. Builders are working hard days and nights to be ready by September.

The government has determined its construction to make easy access to the south and the north. As a result, drivers will not have to go through the roundabout Caudan. The interchange will be built over the roundabout, which will allow other drivers to go straight to Salinas and nearby. 

Senior official of the Road Development Authority (RDA) said that to the end of September 2011 the work would be completed. "This will cost the government an amount of Rs 108 million. Some of the work is done during the day, while others turn the night to avoid disrupting traffic. There will be four lanes, two on each side that will be connected to other roads being built right now. "

The police guaranteed that all vehicles leaving the South to enter Port-Louis need to go through the roundabout Caudan. "Every day, nearly 35,000 vehicles are passing through the roundabout Caudan during peak hours, from 7:30 to 9:30. With this interchange, vehicles will enter and leave as quickly as Port Louis. The Government is determined to resolve this difficult issue of jamming."