‘Six pack’ exercise in a Maruti Swift? Well, this guy shows exactly how it’s done

4 years, 11 months ago - 3 July 2018, Car Toq
‘Six pack’ exercise in a Maruti Swift? Well, this guy shows exactly how it’s done
Lack of time and long commuting hours keep most of the Indians away from doing any kind of exercise. What if you get to know the ways of keeping fit while sitting in a car? Well, this fitness freak shows how to do it in a Maruti Swift.

What is he doing?

Rohit Singh Kalgotra uses the seat recline feature to turn it into a weight-bench that is mostly seen in gyms. First, he reclines the seat all the way down to create an angle of almost 160-170 degrees. The youngster then says that the new position can be used to do crunches in sets. He says that doing this will affect the muscles in the lower part of the abdomen.

He then pushes the seat up by a few degrees and repeats the crunching. This new position affects the upper part of the abdomen and helps to reduce fat. Both these exercises can be done easily while waiting for the signal to turn green in traffic or when you park after reaching the destination.

Even though the video claims that it will help you get 6-pack abs, it sure is not so easy to get abs just by doing exercises inside a car. One has to follow a strict diet to get the dream body. But this will surely help to keep the body moving.

Long hours inside a car can be extremely excruciating for the body. Sitting for long hours can cause pain in various parts of the body. If the long commute is a part of your daily life, then doing stretching exercises really helps the body to stay fit. There are many torso twisting, neck twisting and hand stretching exercises that one can do while sitting in a car. It sure is a judicial way of using the time you spend stuck in traffic and staying fit.