This Stretched Toyota Land Cruiser Is Bulletproof, Has Parade Roof

2 years, 8 months ago - 19 May 2020, motor1
This Stretched Toyota Land Cruiser Is Bulletproof, Has Parade Roof
You probably know the target market of this build.

With almost seven decades on its belt, the Toyota Land Cruiser can do anything. Apart from conquering terrains and transporting VIPs, the second longest-running SUV nameplate – just behind Chevrolet Suburban – doesn't need a lot of proving to make. In fact, the current-generation model has been out for 13 years, while older versions are still on sale in some parts of the world.

We've mentioned transporting VIPs because, in several countries, the Land Cruiser has been known to ferry the affluent and the wealthy. Carat Duchatelet of Belgium takes that to another level with its stretched Land Cruiser 200 VX.

This Land Cruiser limousine has been stretched out by 50 centimeters (19.6 inches), which effectively increases its rear cabin to accommodate folding tables, recliners, and extreme opulence brought about by high-end materials such as wood veneers, suede, and quilted leather. Just like any luxury lounge on wheels, the Carat Duchatelet Land Cruiser also has a huge display monitor dividing the front cabin from the passengers at the back.

Carat Duchatelet, known for stretching and armoring vehicles, also added ballistic protection to this 4x4 SUV. Choose between B6 or B7 level of protection, this limo SUV can protect its VIPs from armor-piercing rounds.

But the modifications don't stop there. This stretched Land Cruiser also has a parade roof installed, so you probably know the target market of this limo SUV. Who needs an opulent and bulletproof limousine more than your local politicians, right?

Price isn't listed for this limo build, though, so good luck with auditing. Plus, this SUV has been in the company's portfolio since 2017. If you're interested (or if you're boss is interested), just visit Carat Duchatelet's website and drop them an inquiry.