Two Ferrari-Faking Workshops Busted in Spain

10 years, 3 months ago - 19 August 2013, Autoblog
Two Ferrari-Faking Workshops Busted in Spain
We sort of understand why the next door neighbor might indulge in a "Ferriero" project (a mid-engine Pontiac Fiero with homemade bodywork resembling a Ferrari), but we simply can't fathom why anybody would pay 40,000 euros for a fake Ferrari built from a front-engine, front-wheel-drive Toyota.

An organization in Spain apparently had 17 of these "Ferrotas," three of which were ready to sell over the Internet, when its two Valencia-based shops were raided by police earlier this month, Auto Portal reports. In addition to the fake Ferraris, police also found two fake Aston Martin machines.
The imposter Ferraris were designed to look like the F430, the F430 Spider and the 458 Spider, and customers reportedly knew they were buying copies.
Eight people were arrested in relation to the case, which was tipped off to police by a Ferrari representative in Spain. While a trained eye could pick out these fakes in a heartbeat, we're surprised at how close they look to the real things – the cars even have faux Ferrari (Fauxrari?) engines mounted amidships and some actual Ferrari parts where they couldn't be replicated. But the details, like gaping panel gaps and awkward proportions, give the cars away. Be sure to watch the video that we included below.