A 17 year old was arrested with fake driving license

12 years, 5 months ago - 23 December 2010
On Tuesday the police has arrested Menish Sewbundhun, 17, since he was driving a truck with a fake driving license. A police officer from the Traffic Field and Motorway Patrol Division North caught the teenager red-handed during a usual check at Junctions Motorway/Deschartes.

The vehicle was full with 400 bags of cement. When the officer asked him to show his driving license the Menishdemonstrated a photocopy of a driving license number 398463 with date of issue May 26, 1998, date of birth January 16, 1980, and issued in the name of Matmaram Balloo.

Nevertheless, while checking the driving license, the officer noticed that it was a false one and on questioning the driver, the afterwards confessed that he was in fact 17 years old and gave his real name as Menish Sewbundhun.

Teen in addition conceded that he had taken his uncle, Matmaram Balloo’s driving license without his knowledge and had replaced the photo of his uncle with his own.

Menish was brought to the Line Barracks with his vehicle and was booked for driving without license and using a fake document.

A police enquiry is underway to investigate the matter.