A judge tried to intimidate a peddler with a gun in Port-Louis for a parking

12 years, 5 months ago - 15 December 2010
A discreditable incident happened in the capital on Tuesday 14 December. The magistrate Beeharry Magistrate Mahesh, who runs the Small Claims Tribunal in Port Louis, has threatened a chapman with a handgun.

Everything started at around 15: 00 when the magistrate was looking for a parking lot at the street Thumb Creek, near the Le Jardin de la Compagnie, Port Louis. He finally parked his car in a zone reserved for motorcycles and mopeds. 

Samir Emamjee, a chapman, intervened to notify the judge that he had no right. Perhaps that is why squabble had arisen between the two participants. Then the judge Beeharry drew his revolver and pointed it at the seller’s head. This scene took place before a crowd of bystanders and other vendors.

“I told him that this place was reserved for motorcycles.And he attacked me. First, he left his car and pointed his gun at my temple,” said Samir Emamjee. According to witnesses, the judge was taken by police who had been called to the scene.

Further, when the police arrived, the gun was in the bottom of the back seat of the magistrate’s car (metallic blue car with license plate 4308 OC 09 – according to the witnesses). The weapon was taken by police also. The magistrate was taken to the Police Station Pope Hennessy.