Turnaround in case of the magistrate who threatened with a gun for a parking

12 years, 5 months ago - 29 December 2010
The municipal worker Emamjee Samir, who had been threatened with a gun by magistrate Mahesh Beeharry, was summoned to the Central Barracks. Tuesday, December 28 it has been an investigation and the magistrate complained that in truth it Emamjee threatened him.


Samir Emamjee, had filed an appeal against the magistrate Mahesh Beeharry who threatened him with his gun in Port-Louis on December 14. However, after a turnaround, Emamjee found himself in place of the accused. Tuesday 28 December he was summoned to the offices of the Central Investigation Division of Port Louis South to explain the charges that Beeharry Mahesh had brought against him.

In a declaration to police, the magistrate said that Emamjee has not only threatened with a knife, but has pulled his revolver from its holster, and heretofore had stolen his car keys. Nevertheless the magistrate failed to explain how the gun was found on the seat of his closed car, as witnessed by the photographs published in the press.

“For these reasons, the police conducted a search in my home," said Samir Emamjee. The municipal employee believes that certainly there is a two-tier justice in Mauritius. "There is a law for the powerful, another for small people like me," he says indignantly.

Investigators have not discovered anything discreditable Emamjee, and no charges were brought against him. His case, however, was sent to the Director of Public Prosecution. He will decide under what charge he should be prosecuted.

Samir Emamjee is appalled by the police’s approaches. He regrets that had filed a complaint against the judge. Still he is appealing to the authorities’ sense of justice and recall that was at motorcycle when he attracted the attention of the magistrate Beeharry who had parked on a parking area for motorbikes. “How could I get out a knife, threatening the judge with one hand, grab his gun from his holster, while holding me balanced on my bike,” asks Samir Emamjee

The charges against him Emamjee date from Monday, December 27 or 13 days after the incident. Accompanied by his lawyer, Mr. Gavin Glover, Mahesh Beeharry could give his version of the facts about the incident. He had made three days after being summoned to the Central Barracks. He denied that he had threatenedEmamjee with the gun.