Driver’s speeding has brought in fatal outcome for the policeman

12 years, 5 months ago - 20 December 2010
The driver, who knocked down to death the policeman Chandradutt Bootaloo at the roundabout Caudan on Saturday morning around 11:30, has to appear Monday before the court of Port Louis.

Tawfik N, 23, has been jailed since his arrest Saturday. His impatience has cost the life of policeman Chandradutt Bootaloo, 37. The accident happened while the constable Chandradutt Bootaloo was checked driver's license. The driver at the wheel of his car was broke in full force.

Tawfic N. told investigators that there was a traffic jam on the highway and to escape the jamming he tried to pass on the left. The speed was hight and he didn’t see the constable Bootaloo. His vehicle hit the officer and then hit another car and a bus. This crash has such impact force that the policeman was thrown several meters away. He passed away instantly. The autopsy report recorded the death caused by numerous injuries.

The police force lost one of its best, say his colleagues who held him to pay a final tribute on Sunday. Funeral was with the official participation of the police band and a parade of thirty bikers. The Daimlers Motorcycle Club and the part of the motorcycling community of Mauritius have also escorted the remains of Chandradutt Bootaloo. With the black band attached to the arm as a sign of respect and mourning, the police drove the body to the cemetery of the town.

Those who knew Chandradutt Bootaloo keep the memory of a very good man. Chandradutt Bootaloo left behind widow and three children.