Dealer does not Fulfill Promise: Windshield is Cracked

10 years, 8 months ago - 4 July 2012, The Défi Media Group
Dealer does not Fulfill Promise: Windshield is Cracked
The customer is dissatisfied. He acquired a reconditioned car since last year. The Toyota Corolla had a crack in the windshield. The dealer promised to give him a new one. Tired of waiting, he threatened to sue.

Eight months that patient. Since last October, Yassin R. expects his windshield nine. Claiming victim of the grantee, it requires the company to refund once the windshield nine. If this is not the case, it will begin "action against the seller." Contacted, the latter promised that the windshield will be issued by end of July.

"On this car I've set my heart, despite the crack she has! The dealer promised that the company would make me another brand new windshield. But until now, we stuck with empty promises, without result, "protested Yassin R. The car is a Toyota Corolla registered 3518 ZW 07 he acquired for Rs 620,000.

"I bought the car last October at a dealership in Port Louis. Knowing that the windshield of the car included a slight crack, the manager asked me to do the repairs, because the crack was deep, "says the buyer. "This essential accessory contained four points of impact and also has a slight crack. Since the dealer delivered the vehicle to me, I'm afraid to drive it, for fear that windshield shattered because of the vibrations produced by the machine, "says Yassin R.

The latter is outraged by the attitude of the dealer who had promised he would receive a brand new since last December. But until now, he sees nothing coming on the horizon. "The situation is eligible. For a car that I paid too expensive and cash please. I promise you that this dealership will report to me in court if he does not respect its commitments, "we said the unhappy customer. "He has an obligation to guarantee to me. Especially since this can cause serious inconvenience to me and me a ticket. "

Contacted by The Daily Challenge, a Salesman of the company asserts that the importation of the windshield was delayed. He still calls "the understanding of the customer" because the windshield will be received at the end of July. "You know, this is the first time that we are victims of such an incident. The Toyota is a reconditioned car, it's no accident that the vehicle has such a defect, "he argued.

The manager explains that the windshield was "repaired locally," but "as professionals from the sale of such cars," the dealer preferred to make a brand new windshield to the client. "We can not be accused of bad faith. We could deny the fact that the windshield contained a slight crack at the time of acquisition of the vehicle by the customer, "says the official. "We demand a little patience from this gentleman. "